Policy of S & G Educational Services
In order to become a member you must agree to the policy stated here.

S & G provides services which are aids to education in the school curriculum. However, it is the responsibility of members to use these services in whatever way best suits their own learning styles.

Material sent to members should not be submitted to schools or colleges as their own work.

For the purposes of assessing the cost of services, a single mathematical question will consist of a question which is based on a single set of data. (For instance, an examination question whose parts (a), (b) and (c) have three different sets of data will be treated as three questions.) However, a question that is particularly long, even if it is based on a single set of data, may be classified as two questions.

Care will be taken by S & G teachers to ensure that solutions provided will be correct. There are often several alternative correct approaches to mathematical problems; in such cases we aim to supply one solution that is clear without being too brief or difficult to follow.

Solutions will be sent only to members whose subscription is currently paid.

Questions submitted by members may be published or otherwise used by S & G Publishing and Coaching Academy with acknowledgment of the person who supplied it. In cases where that person prefers to remain anonymous, the material may be used without acknowledgment.

There are three levels of membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Click here to see details. Members are entitled to receive answers to certain number queries, depending on the level of membership they have chosen, within twelve months from the date of joining.

A member who uses all of his or her entitlement before twelve months have elapsed, and wishes to submit further questions, must renew membership. At this time he or she may change membership to a new level; this change is not available at an earlier time.

If a member does not submit enough queries to take full advantage his or her membership within the year, no partial refund of the subscription will be allowed.

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