S&G Publishing and Coaching Academy has two main departments: our publications and our continuing educational services.
1. Publications

Among our publications there are various sets material. Some is designed for students, some for teachers and some for schools.

For each of these groups an appropriate section on this website gives detailed information on the available material, displays sample pages and supplies an order form.

2. Educational Services

Our Educational Services to members concentrate essentially on the various Australian K-12 school curricula.

Our aim is to help people achieve successful results in Mathematics, and to extend students so that they realize their full potential. For those aiming at university education, we aim to maximize their chances of entry to their chosen courses.

For these purposes we offer our educational services which offer you the opportunity to access mathematical assistance in your own home and when you most need it.

To take advantage of these services you should become a member for up to one year.
Membership entitles you to send mathematical problems to us and to receive worked solutions within a few days.

In addition there will be opportunities (at times to be advertised) to confer with a Tutor online.

There are also challenge Problems of the Week at every school level. Members may have their own answers checked by us as part of their problem-solving entitlement, or they can wait until the following week and compare their answers with the published ones.

Our plans for the future include similar services for other subjects. They also include competitions for which members will receive prizes.

Our services are equally of use to those who wish to fill in gaps in their past education and to those who have the capacity to work in advance of their peers. In both cases the aim is excellence, which in our belief is not a matter of being the best, but of achieving one's personal best.

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