Web News

Web News WEB SITE NEWS is a principal source of the latest information. It lists all the recent news and articles related to our publications and educational services. It is located on the top of the main page, and there are links to it on other pages. All visitors and members can access Web News.




Member Registration

In order to register as a member you need to agree with the policy of S & G Educational Services. You are then required to complete the "User Registration Form" shown below. Once you press the "Register" button, the information in this form will be recorded in our database. However, your account will only be activated once your payment is received. You will then receive an email acknowledging your membership and stating your credits. The email will also list your entitlements, which include sending emails to your tutors, access to news of the educational services, and use of the chat room.



Member's Interface

Once you have received an email acknowledging that your membership is activated, complete your username and password. You will then be able to access the Members' interface (like the one shown below). In this interface you will be able to see your credits, to send and receive emails, and to access the chat room.




Sending Email and Uploading Images

This is the web page from which members can send their emails to other members or tutors. Members can also send their questions by uploading the scanned images of the questions.

Uploading Images: members may use the "Browse" button to select the image in the directory in their own computers, and then use the "Upload" button to upload the image as a part of your email. (The photo's name must be written down.)

Sending Email: Fill in the form, which includes receiver (must be the member of sngweb.com), subject, and content. If there is an image to upload, please give the name of the image, and then click "Send".






Email Box

This is the interface of a customer's mail box. The customer can check how many new emails have arrived, and which ones have been read and answered.






Member's Chat Room

This is the Chat Room for students and teachers. It is free for members, and offers a convenient facility whereby students and teachers can discuss problems. The availability of teachers will be published or emailed from time to time. Most teachers have their personal online schedules.